When choosing a waste management or recycling company for your TVs, IT or other WEEE equipment, it’s essential you choose a reputable, reliable, fully licensed organisation such as Restructa. We’ll manage your recycling safely and responsibly. We’re a completely ‘green’ organisation and totally committed to protecting and preserving our local and global environment. However, we’re also an ethically and socially responsible company, doing everything we can to stop goods going abroad illegally, endangering human life, as well as damaging the planet.

Unfortunately, there are organisations who will trade recyclable WEEE goods on the world market and literally dump them in third world countries. Here, children and adults desperate for money and food, will rummage these sites, often without shoes, to find components which have ‘value’, such as copper cable or PCBs.

Without any form of protection, they set copper cable on fire to burn off the plastic or – with their bare hands – dip PCBs in acid to retrieve precious metal which they can then sell. Tragically, every time they do this, they’re harming or even poisoning themselves.

The problems created by illegal sites are vast, including the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere which people then breathe in; contamination of water supplies; and contamination of soil resulting in toxic materials in crops and less food for livestock.

We urge everyone to stop this negative cycle and protect human life as well as the environment. You’ll also be protecting yourself, as if you unlawfully pass WEEE to an unlicensed operator, you may be subject to legal proceedings.

To recycle your TVs or IT equipment safely and responsibly, call us now on 01294 203555.

For more information on toxic trade, visit www.ban.org

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