We offer a full and safe recycling service for all TVs – CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), also known as Flat Screens. Working with a range of customers throughout the UK – including hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, local authorities, other waste management companies, bookmakers and general businesses – we collect little or large amounts of units and transport them to our site.


The days of the ‘box’ TV are long gone, and with no demand for repair or reuse of these models, we offer a specialist CRT recycling service. CRT TVs are made up of various components including cable, copper, plastic and glass. We safely dismantle components for recycling, ensuring nothing is sent to landfill:

  • Plastics are recycled into new products
  • PCBs are smelted to recover valuable metals
  • Cables are recovered for copper and plastics
  • Glass is treated and used in various applications, including our own Glasglo pot topper and aggregate products.

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We’re continually thinking about carbon. So although we can collect your TVs from several locations, it’s better if you store them in one place – that way we’re using our transport efficiently.

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