As part of our environmental commitment to repair and reuse, we offer domestic customers an economical television repair and reuse service for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs. Save yourself a lot of money by coming to us first rather than heading to the retail park!

TV repair

If your LCD TV is broken, our team of skilled and fully qualified technicians will be happy to try and fix it for you in our TV repair shop. Just bring your TV into our site and we’ll let you know quickly if we can fix it – our success rate is extremely high! Our turnaround is also very fast, so you can catch up on your favourite shows in no time – all at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Reuse TVs

We always have a selection of LCD TVs for sale at highly competitive prices, often including recent models. We take care of every TV we handle – carefully transporting them from recycling centres and storing them safely at our site – so you can be sure all models we have for sale are in good condition. We’ll have checked and repaired them too, of course, so your TV is guaranteed to be in full working order. To find out what’s available now, call us on 01294 203555 or pop in.

TV parts

We sell a huge range of replacement television components – from remotes and speakers, to main boards, control panels and all the fiddly bits too!  We sell online at our own site and also on ebay, under LCD Spares & Repairs. We guarantee whatever you buy from us online will be in full working order and arrive on time. You can also call into our site to see what parts we have available.

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