We offer a full and safe recycling service for all TVs – CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), also known as Flat Screens. Working with a range of customers throughout the UK – including hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, local authorities, other waste management companies, bookmakers and general businesses – we collect little or large amounts of units and transport them to our site.

The volume of Flat Screen TVs being discarded these days is enormous. Usually the reason is consumers wanting the latest models or bigger versions, but sometimes it’s because their LCD has broken and they assume the only option is to replace.

At Restructa we work hard to reuse and repair as many LCDs as possible, to prolong the product lifecycle. However, we’ve also developed a completely safe recycling system for Flat Screen TVs beyond repair, and for other displays from laptops and PC monitors.

Many of the displays, particularly LCDs, contain mercury inside the tiny lamps used to illuminate the screens. This is highly toxic to humans through ingestion or inhalation of mercury dust, but also from exposure to water-soluble forms of mercury or eating seafood contaminated with mercury.


Flat Screen Display Recycling

Following an intensive R&D program, our Flat Screen Display Recycling Facility is one of the most advanced in Europe. With capacity of around 20 tonnes of displays per day, we are at the forefront of display recycling technology.

We capture as many components as possible for reuse and repair, then carefully dismantle what’s left into individual parts and materials for safe recycling.

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