Restructa can fulfil your needs with regard to IT secure disposal. Many different industries and clients have many different security requirements.

Restructa can offer secure wiping of hard drives, this is normally carried out at our own premises, however, can also be carried out onsite.

Educational Establishments

Restructa understand the importance of security when dealing with hard drives from PC bases and servers used within the educational sector. We also understand the difficulties you are faced with regard to tight budgets. Restructa can ensure you a secure, reliable, compliant and effective recycling service when dealing with your waste material.

We currently offer our service to a number of local authority schools throughout Scotland as well as private educational establishments. We pride ourselves on what we believe to be our specialist service for you. For a detailed report on how we would service your requirements please contact us.

All our drivers are security cleared by Disclosure Scotland.

Waste Management Sector/Corporate

Most of our waste management sector clients have various clients they service within a wide variety of industries, these include Universities, Financial Institutions as well as shop clearances. All security aspects are looked at carefully by one of our specially trained employees.


Security is at the forefront of our mind when dealing with our clients waste. We have three standard levels of security, each of these have their own method of destruction of the hard drive or software for wiping hard drives of information.

For each level of security the hard drives will be removed from the PC bases/Servers and the serial number recorded, this ensures traceability and confirmation that the hard drives have been destroyed/wiped.

When hard drives are reused they will be wiped using Blancco/Active KillDisk. Hard drives will only be re-used with the express permission by our clients.

Shredding – security level 1

Once the hard drives are removed and the serial numbers noted they will then be put through our mechanical shredder. Clients are able to attend our site to witness the shredding of the hard drives and we already carry this out for our existing clients.

This is by far the most popular method of destruction to ensure information is destroyed.

Security level 2

While the hard drives are contained within the PC base/Server it is connected to specialist Software, our current licence allows us to run Active@Kildisk on systems, this software is NOT DoD approved. Restructa’s unique secure destruction certificate will be issued to confirm units have been wiped using this software.

Security level 3

while the hard drives are contained within the PC base/Server it is connected to specialist software, registered to DoD 5220.22-M specifications, Blancco allows us to wipe hard drives to Department of Defence standards and issue secure destruction certifications to confirm this. Blancco wipes all aspects of the system including the BIOS of the system. Blancco will also electronically relate any asset tags to serial numbers, making it easier for you to update your asset register. Blancco is approved by CESG


Equipment that is deemed to be of value or of an acceptable specification and condition for re-use will be refurbished. Resale of refurbished equipment is only undertaken through a very limited number of established retail outlets (currently a maximum of 3) within the UK. This allows Restructa some level of control over the distribution and quality of the systems being remarketed. Resale by Restructa to the general public is not permitted.

All equipment to be refurbished will be fully audited. A unique Restructa Asset No. will be designated to the equipment and a label with this number will be attached to the item. All other external labels and identification will be removed. Restructa’s tracking system will tie together the new asset no. with the original asset tag to ensure end to end auditability.

If you feel your equipment is of a higher standard and available for refurbishment please contact us for a detailed method statement on how we can assist you and potentially offer a value for your equipment.


Units not available for refurbishment are subject to dismantling through our specialist dismantling facility. Each component part is removed and sent to a specialist recycler for that type of material eg printed circuit board to specialist smelter.

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