We’ve invested heavily in the latest glass cleaning technology and offer a full and safe glass recycling service.

Glass fractions from the CRT units pass through a tumbling process to create glass cullet which is re-used within various manufacturing processes. We also process glass fragments to specifications issued to us by our end users – usually they’re cleaned and sorted to remove any contamination, bagged into high quality bulk bags and loaded for shipment. We meet all WEEE legislation environmental targets and can issue confirmation of this at the end of the process.

For a glass cleaning quote, please contact us on 01294 203555.


We’ve come up with a unique process and ingenious design to create a striking and versatile glass product, Glasglo, made entirely from recycled TV screens. Glasglo can be used in small quantities as pot toppers, or on a larger scale as a decorative aggregate for use in outdoor spaces including driveways, paths or ponds – local authorities are now incorporating it into their roundabouts!

For more information please visit the GlasGlo Website

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